Friday, June 24, 2011

General Assembly

As a movement we continue to struggle between rationale religion and the deep calls of emotive heart-felt spirituality. Nick Page and the youth bridging service both captured the rich promise of moving and deep worship while still balancing our diversty of belief. The future of Unitarian Universalism lies in this balance. This is not the wintry words of 60's humanism nor blind emotionalism...this is the evolution of our movement into realizing the relational quality of religion. This will be the future of UUiism.
....And the peoplen said AMEN.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Top 10 Count Down of First Year in Ministry

First year of ministry in Eau Claire

#10 I know what dessert bars,
walleye, and hot dish mean. Ken
Adler, an umbrella will not keep
snow off my head. I can get my kids to school in snow
pants, boots, hats, gloves, and ready to survive -20.
#9 Learning how to walk, drive, and live in snow, ice,
and below zero temperatures. Snow is heavy; not
light and fluffy to shovel. Southerners can do it!
#8 The people here in Eau Claire are awesome.
#7 The unfolding process of learning how to be a
multigenerational congregation.
#6 Wednesday night services and dinners. (The skit
about the Lepps - Tom with a fake moustache was
#5 La Befana, Fire Communion and other fantastic
multigenerational services
#4 Experiencing the Harvest Auction!
#3 Doing the Cupid Shuffle at the youth group lockin.
I was so relevant!
#2 Twenty-two inches of snow and we still had
service! We were one of the few congregations in
town still conducting services. Take that snow and
#1 Being ordained and installed as Lifespan Minister
in November 2010.


I will be focusing on rest and renewal during my time off. Part of being a good minister is to have time for study, reflection, and writing. This summer I will be attending General Assembly, studying and writing in preparation for next year's sermons and Lifespan Sundays(Children's Chapel), and also some personal spiritual retreat. I will be going South for both General Assembly and to celebrate my nephew's graduation from High School. Our family is also excited to be camping at Edisto Beach in South Carolina this June. I will be away from June 6th-July 26th.

The Buddha said, "Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, men(women)
cannot live without a spiritual life." Play is important spiritual work! Play in the sand, watch a movie, and perhaps even finger paint. Find what healthfully feeds your soul and do it!