Friday, August 27, 2010

What I miss...What I love...

I remember the "What I love...What I miss..." game from my childhood. There always seemed to be a need to make lists, distinctions and categories when I was younger. Perhaps I need that boundary now. A new ministry is such a change and such a transition that maybe checking a few boxes is a healthy thing.

What I miss about Atlanta is -

Twelve years of relationships and community
A great chiropractor, pediatrician, and dentist
comfortable connections
Blackberry mead
My spiritual places of renewal
Dogwood trees
sweet tea!!

What I love about Eau Claire is -

I can get anywhere in less than 15 minutes
A fantastic farmer's market
the warm people
my new Credit Union
My lovely congregation -the people - the building
I have the best office manager EVER
The Episcopal church bells that ring RIGHT in the middle of annoucements on Sunday morning. OK - I love them every time, but then.

I know what cheese curds and walleye are now. I like cheese curds. I haven't been brave enough to try walleye yet.

Monday, August 16, 2010

A Prayer of Welcome

When you are called unworthy
When you are called unreliable
When you stand at the edge

You are Welcome

When you need community
When you need silence
When you want to sing high

You are Welcome

When no one meets your eyes
When no one calls your name
When you need a door to open

You are Welcome

When you reach for peace
When you reach for a hand
When you need to open a door

You are Welcome

We have all been strangers
We have all needed welcome
We all need to hear the words

You are Welcome