Friday, August 27, 2010

What I miss...What I love...

I remember the "What I love...What I miss..." game from my childhood. There always seemed to be a need to make lists, distinctions and categories when I was younger. Perhaps I need that boundary now. A new ministry is such a change and such a transition that maybe checking a few boxes is a healthy thing.

What I miss about Atlanta is -

Twelve years of relationships and community
A great chiropractor, pediatrician, and dentist
comfortable connections
Blackberry mead
My spiritual places of renewal
Dogwood trees
sweet tea!!

What I love about Eau Claire is -

I can get anywhere in less than 15 minutes
A fantastic farmer's market
the warm people
my new Credit Union
My lovely congregation -the people - the building
I have the best office manager EVER
The Episcopal church bells that ring RIGHT in the middle of annoucements on Sunday morning. OK - I love them every time, but then.

I know what cheese curds and walleye are now. I like cheese curds. I haven't been brave enough to try walleye yet.

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