Monday, April 30, 2012

100 Days of Focusing on Health: Day 26

"The large print giveth and the small print taketh away." -Tom Waits. Today my healthy focus has been reading labels. Even stopping to read labels takes away your desire to impulse eat. I'm also trying to eat more raw and whole foods that don't have labels at all, except what nature made! Activity: Kickboxing class and yoga class Results: Down 2.3 lbs since I've started food journalling and keeping count of weight loss.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

100 Days of Focus on Health: Day 25 (food journalling)

Last Friday, I travelled with Kiernan and my Mother-in-law to Minneapolis for Kiernan's dance competition. We stopped on the way for a bite to eat and the obligatory book store rummange. In this book-seeking, I found a really neat food journal in a local bookstore in Hudson, Wisconsin. It has a place to write down what you eat each day as well as your daily activity. This means that you need to have a daily activity! I also like that it has different positive thoughts on fitness and prompts to make goals. This is my third day of keeping a food journal. It definitely keeps you in mind of what you are putting into your mouth. On a positive note, it has also allowed me to see the progress I've already made towards eating a more nutritional diet. This is another big step in accountability for me, to commit to paper what I'm eating and doing each day will further keep me on track.

Friday, April 20, 2012

100 Days of Focus on Health: Day 24(healthy eating)

For the past few days I have especially been focusing on the snacks I eat. I am trying to eat fruit, hummus and carrots, sunflower seeds, or a vegetable. Otherwise I'm avoiding processed foods and the quick snacks that have a lot of sugar and carbohydrates. I find that honoring what I'm eating makes me feel better about my health and how I am treating myself.

I am about to travel for the day again, so I will pack some healthy snacks to take with me.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

100 Days of Focus on Health: Day 23 (travel)

I have been posting less than I'd like due to some illness and just being busy, but here is another one! This weekend I will be travelling to Minneapolis for a conference. Travelling is a time when it is hard to eat well, get enough rest, and exercise. I will be packing fruit and nut snacks, as well as sandwiches for the ride up to Minneapolis.

My goal is to not drink soft drinks or eat fast food, which are the quick temptation while driving. Kiernan will be travelling with me, so I'll have to remind him why we don't eat junk and make extra time to eat real food. Due to illness I have not been able to work out this week, hopefully I will get a chance for a walk this weekend.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

100 Days of Focusing on Health Day 22 (trust)

In kickboxing class last Wednesday, I had a revelation that I am learning to trust my body. When I was a child I knew how high I could climb on a pine tree and how fast I could run around the bases in a softball game before falling down or running out of breath. As an adult I have trusted my mind to think quickly or my heart to know the right choice. I have not depended on my body as much. Certainly having children qualifies in this area, but I haven't really pushed myself on a regular basis. Being a whole and healthy person should include a deep awareness of my entire self.

I look forward to trusting in my endurance and strength as I bike that extra mile. I look forward to knowing I can swim one more lap than I did the day before. This is my health trajectory, and it takes trust to get there.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

100 Days of Focusing on Health: Day 21 (reframing)

Easter is on the horizon -perhaps you have noticed the aisles and aisles of candy. I have bought my boys a lot of books this year for their Ostara baskets, along with fun pencils and school supplies. There will be some wonderful chocolate eggs, but we really don't need a Hershey branded holiday thank you. Commercialism and sugar seems to be the focus of too many holidays.

I definitely remember my childhood basket filled with sweets, but I also enjoyed getting a stuffed bunny or new Spring things. It was great to dye Easter eggs and see what swirls or designs we could manage. I enjoyed hunting for eggs in the bright sunshine and finding an egg before some other kid did. There are fond memories of daffodils and the ever sweet promise of the rebirth of the green spring-time.

I want my children to experience more than a sugar hang-over. We can reframe holidays to fit our values and make them meaningful.

Monday, April 2, 2012

100 Days of Focusing on Health: Day 20 (body)

The wonderful thing about kickboxing class is you don't have a lot of time to think about which way to kick. You kick. You don't ponder the theology of your right hook - you jab, you punch. I spend a lot of time in the world of ideas as a minister, writer and general nerd. It is a natural and comfortable place to be in my mind and pondering.

My intention with exercise is to inhabit my body, and to inhabit the the right now. I want to know the intensity of pushing my body to the limit. I want to feel the grace of a well-executed kick and the strength and confidence that comes with it.