Sunday, April 8, 2012

100 Days of Focusing on Health Day 22 (trust)

In kickboxing class last Wednesday, I had a revelation that I am learning to trust my body. When I was a child I knew how high I could climb on a pine tree and how fast I could run around the bases in a softball game before falling down or running out of breath. As an adult I have trusted my mind to think quickly or my heart to know the right choice. I have not depended on my body as much. Certainly having children qualifies in this area, but I haven't really pushed myself on a regular basis. Being a whole and healthy person should include a deep awareness of my entire self.

I look forward to trusting in my endurance and strength as I bike that extra mile. I look forward to knowing I can swim one more lap than I did the day before. This is my health trajectory, and it takes trust to get there.

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