Monday, November 23, 2009

A Kiss at the AMAs

Why does Adam Lambert kissing another male in the midst of a live performance look any different than the score of women that have kissed women in concert or television?

Lambert when interviewed about his performance said that it was a double standard. Of course it is discriminatory to accept one display of affection instead of another. It is interesting how we try and contain sexuality into safe packages for the American consumer. David Bowie could be androgynous as long as he was with a woman. Here is a star that is openly gay and promoting the right to express his sexuality in his art, and he's being challenged about whether a same-sex male kiss can be on television.

Wake up folks, love can not be legislated. A kiss is a kiss, and love is love.


  1. According to the AP story, the performance also included simulated oral sex and a guy on a leash, FWIW, so it's possible not every complaint was about the two guys kissing.

  2. Madonna's Vogue performance at the MTV Awards in 1990 also had simulated oral sex and a grab of Madonna's chest. I guess Adam Lambert will be the current decade's response to pushing sexual norms.

    For good or bad, media and rock-n-roll have played the part of pushing American sexual norms for decades. My argument is that there should not be a double standard for homosexual displays of affection and sexuality.