Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hello, Goodbye!

Saturday morning my family and I will hauling ourselves out for a 7AM flight to....Eau Claire(! I'm very excited to be candidating for ministry this coming week in lovely Eau Claire, WI. There will be sunny skies and no to little humidity. Take that Atlanta!

Departures and arrivals are in my future, and that has joy and sadness all mixed together. Transitions are liminal times creating a need to look out for guideposts and solid surfaces. I have had a series of goodbyes at my internship congregation, from my home congregation,and from fellow seminary students. Somehow though I keep running into people unexpectedly and more people have been telling me what a wonderful place Eau Claire and the Midwest are to live. I feel very much like the Beatle's song, "Hello, Goodbye!" On that note - I'm excited to be doing a "Beatles Theology" for perhaps my last sermon at UUMAN( in perhaps a great while. What Would John (Lennon) Do?


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  1. yay!! I hope it goes well for you! I'm going to be in Madison this weekend at the monastery :)