Monday, July 19, 2010

The spiritual practice of moving

I had imagined that moving was going to be rigorous and would pull all those lazy scholar muscles that have not been in use during seminary. Moving has also moved my mind. It has moved my social location. It has moved my imagination and even my dreams. This has been wonderful and disorienting, sad and exciting. Humans are such a bundle of contradictions.

Boxes are piled to the ceiling around my head and the accomplishment of the day is having a clean kitchen counter. The spiritual accomplishment is a sense of cleaning out. I am cleaning out old things. I am reviewing old letters. I am letting go and holding on. There this tug of new and old and it feels right. It feels like positive growth.

Bless these changes. Bless my hands for lifting and carrying and letting go. Bless all those who make this possible.

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