Wednesday, April 3, 2013

30 Days of Poetry - Days 1-3

National Poetry Month: Day 1 

Never really gone...

Finding brief glimpses of the past
breathing like lost glimmers in bubbles in July picnic bliss
You are not where you are supposed to be
Yet you are finding me in my every moment

This is the summer of '82
Where the Riverbanks zoo has yellow jackets stingin
Where the rocks glisten in the Broad River
and yesterday was just a rollerskating bliss and maybe a few
stubbed toes or bent feelings

This is the tide rolling in at Ocean Isle
The crabs that skitter like a wave as I run across the sand
toes sticking to the wet beach
feet too small to keep up
hands to small to reach your hand before
you go.

Poetry month: Day 2 

Sweeping away the crumbs 
Not needing what you
Left behind

Walking strong
Courage in stride and struggle
My rearview mirror is empty
And the road ahead
Cries hope

Life is never one path
But breaking a new trail feels right
Not like breaking an egg,
But somehow like being broken open...
Somehow breaking the pattern
And breaking free.

Poetry Month: Day 3

One less step

Eyes flash recognition
There is a small piece of you that understands
the cycle of things
as you step on the prepared, still earth

Booted feet crush seedlings
and the imprint of carelessness
leaves life waiting

This isn't the last time you will
tread or tear what is not yours
but perhaps you will think

before you drop that beer can
before you tread on my children's garden

My small protest will touch something inside
before you rush off
to text, to facebook, to forget
that you did something wrong.

At least I hope so.

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