Tuesday, March 27, 2012

100 Days of Focusing on Health: Day 17

I've changed the title of my blog theme to focusing on health. The focus of this writing exercise for me is to build a healthy lifestyle built around mindfullness. I want to make healthy choices for my mind, body, and spirit. This will lead to healthy habits, but I think that will be the second step. It takes time to build habits, and right now I am developing the focus and attention to health.

Perhaps I can report at the end of this exercise what healthy changes and habits have manifested from this focus on health.

This week my intention is to pack balanced/healthy lunches for myself and the boys with more vegetables and raw foods. I also want to think about the cooperative process of what I put into my body and why. Where is the balance between pleasure in eating and the over balance of eating for distraction, boredom, or to fill an emotional need? What are the other ways in which I can reward myself? What are the other ways in which I can be filled/find enjoyment? (Poetry, beauty, walking in nature, writing and reading...)

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