Sunday, March 4, 2012

100 Days of Healthy Habits- Day Six

Goal - 25% of my diet being raw foods.

I have been a vegetarian for over a year now. It has been something I've slowly moved towards over the years and I made the final commitment over Thanksgiving 2010. Becoming a vegetarian means that I need to eat more vegetables, not simply consume more pasta or processed foods. I've been increasing raw foods in my diet and my current goal is for raw food to be twenty-five percent of my diet.

Raw foods are simply fruits, vegetables, seeds, and other unprocessed, uncooked natural foods. I've been eating more fruit, nuts, salad, and raw vegetables as my snacks and with my main meals. Today I ate grapefruit, mixed greens salad, a banana, and some granola along with my favorite hummus and other vegetarian standbys.

With eating more raw food, I feel more connected to what I'm eating. It isn't some artifical flavor, sweetner, or red dye number 8000. Raw foods require less preparation and are easy to pack into a lunch or a snack at work. It fits into the simple lifestyle that I am trying to move towards.

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  1. Julie, I like your blog. I'm working on developing better habits in many areas of my life, too. About raw food particularly, are you aware of the Raw Food Potluck led by Aphrodite? It's fun and healthy!
    Lisa Sylvester