Thursday, March 8, 2012

100 Days of Healthy Habits- Day Eight

Last night at our congregation we had a teal hymnal sing along after a pancake supper. The songs were lively and interesting, but a challenge in their complexity and rhthym. We had fun practicing the different parts and learning together. It felt great to join my voice with others and express the feeling and words of these deep songs. Yesterday, I made the choice to write and submit an article to the local paper rather than go to the gym. I wrestled with my desire to express myself and my other equal need for physical expression.

I want to be intentional about the habit of expression. Too often we bottle up things for another day and a better time. I don't want to shove away my creativity and silence my voice because my "to do" list is too long. I want to sing with others, express my feelings, and also find time to kickbox. Is this too much to ask? There must be a balance in there somewhere.

So today's healthy habit focus is expression...finding the balance in that!

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