Saturday, March 17, 2012

100 Days of Healthy Habits- Day 12

Today's intention is to keep it real! I can build more activity and exercise into my everday life. Exercise for me often entails an elaborate gym class. I like to be worn out by Zumba or kickboxing or blissed out by yoga. Now that the weather is nice, there are more options for activity. Our family took a walk in the nice breezy evening air. We got to see some soon to be budding flowers and lots of leafy trees. It has been wonderful to enjoy this rare warm March in Wisconsin.

I don't have to schedule exercise at the gym for it to happen. This morning I did a few leg stretches before getting out of bed. I am sure I can find ways to make activity happen outside of a formal environment. It will help me keep exercise going, even when I'm too busy for a scheduled gym class.

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